For Adults, Parents and Caregivers

Children with Spina Bifida provides parents with information, guidance, and support to help meet their child's often intensive needs from birth through childhood. In one comprehensive volume, it provides easy-to-understand, compassionate coverage of: Symptoms of spina bifida; Prenatal diagnosis; Neurosurgery; Bowel management; Physical therapy, braces, casts; Emotional health; Education; Causes of spina bifida; Working through grief; Urological concerns; Childhood development; Parenting issues; Legal rights and insurance.

In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Adrian Sandler offers a wealth of useful information on the medical, developmental, and psychological aspects of this condition. Accurate, accessible, and up-to-date, Living with Spina Bifida is written especially for families and professionals who care for children, adolescents, and adults with spina bifida. This edition contains a new preface by the author, addressing recent developments in spina bifida research and treatment, as well as an updated list of spina bifida associations.
The aim of this book to promote a multidisciplinary approach to Spina Bifida, providing the three main specialists categories involved – neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeons, and urologists – with a concise reference that explains the main clinical problems to be faced in everyday clinical practice. The book also provides the busy specialist with an updated overview of surgical approaches.

For Children

Young daredevil Lauretta puts her brand-new wheelchair to the ultimate test--and saves her brother!
Lauretta's mother takes her to buy a new wheelchair, but Lauretta isn't satisfied with a regular 5-speed or 10-speed model. No, she insists on the 92-speed, silver and gold, dirt bike wheelchair! When she gets a speeding ticket during a one-day tryout, her parents insist that the wheelchair be returned to the store...until Lauretta's older brother has an accident and only one person can whisk him to the hospital on time--Lauretta, in her amazing wheelchair! Written about a girl with spina bifida.

Megan, a young girl with Spina Bifida tries to make a new friend by telling her all the ways that they can play together. The book helps introduce young children to other kids with special needs. This book has been designed for young children just starting to read and introducing them to other kids with disablities or their own.
Right Under My Nose is an interactive book available to read online, or to print out to have a copy at home.
It was created to help children with spina bifida understand their condition, discover new ways to enrich their lives and help their parents and caregivers answer many of the tough questions that arise.
To access the website featuring a fully interactive story, activities, tips, and a printable version of the whole book, click here.